.Pierre ANDRES settled down in an old factory in the centre of France, close to Saint-Etienne.  He creates there his unpredictable machines, like a new demiurge,  who makes singular objects appear from raw wood and box tree bowls.
He first worked with teachers for youngsters, so as to help the children organise their feeling of space and time, and allow the most handicapped to get a sense of communication.
Then, from technic to art, his machines developed more and more complex and strange, to become moving sculptures in space.
People are invited to play with these living mechanics, and their active dialogue can reveal a source of fresh wonder for all kinds of publics.

             We can join Pierre ANDRES on his e.mail :pierre.andres@wanadoo.fr, and in the different sites where he has exhibitions: now in Swizerland        (
http://www.thechnorama.ch/holz.html), Belgium, IsraŽl, France (http://www.musee-du-jouet.com/) or (http://www.multitex.fr/)